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Who are we ?


After having worked for 16 years in sectors dependent on impeccable surface hygiene, I decided to create AD-HOC HD SRL in my city with several objectives:

Provide a cleaning and disinfection service as well as quality building sanitation to local customers
Upgrading the cleaning and building trades by highlighting human capital
AD-HOC HD SRL attaches great importance to human capital, which constitutes the real wealth of AD-HOC HD SRL.

Our goal is to provide our employees with good working conditions and to comply with working time legislation. We do not hesitate to offer training to our employees so that they acquire additional skills in new cleaning and sanitation techniques in general, as well as in renovation.

The pursuit of customer satisfaction is our daily priority. We provide them with responsiveness, transparency and sincerity. We are not looking to work in the short term with our customers, we are looking for a long term partnership relationship.

Our human size allows immediate reactivity. We are here to serve and satisfy you.

All of our actions lead us to constantly seek the quality of our services. All of our actions lead us to constantly seek the quality of our services.

Our commitments, our values:

AD-HOC HD SRL, a specialist cleaning and sanitation company for local buildings, is committed to a sustainable development approach. Respect for the environment and nature is completely compatible with our profession by using products that are not toxic to the environment and to our employees. We do not use other products. The product dosages are very precise.

We also educate our customers about water consumption with the wet sweeping method which allows for substantial water savings.

Sustainable development also involves energy savings. We offer each customer to work during opening hours in order to reduce the impact of the energy bill.

We are also working on waste management: sorting is systematically implemented in our housekeeping contracts.

We take care of the safety of our employees and our customers. Each start of the contract will be the subject of a prevention plan for the place of service which will be signed by the client and AD-HOC HD SRL. This prevention plan will be updated annually.

Finally, when you call on our cleaning or disinfection services, or through all of our building-related services, a relationship of trust develops between you and your cleaning company. We are very attached to this trust and we bring you our total confidentiality in our relations.

Contact your cleaning company

For a perfect cleaning and as soon as possible, please contact our company. Reachable every day, we are happy to answer your questions and requests. Your free estimated costs will be given to you on request.