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Small and large-scale renovation work

ADHOC-HD has a wealth of experience in the construction and renovation sector. We are the ideal service provider for all your renovation work, because we take care of your project as if it were our own. We are committed to satisfying your wishes and needs, and to acting quickly on your renovation requests, whether you are an individual, a business or a local authority.

Interior and exterior renovation

At ADHOC-HD, we know all about renovation:

  • For all types of buildings: houses, flats, offices, shops, etc.
  • For all types of rooms: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, basement, recreation room, etc.
  • For all types of exteriors: facades, roofs, terraces, gardens, balconies, swimming pools, etc.
  • For all your projects, we offer you a tailor-made solution and services.

Would you like to renovate one of your professional or personal spaces, have the walls of your home repainted, completely re-insulate your house or repair your roof using more environmentally-friendly materials? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Renovating a door with new white paint

Focus on two of our renovation services

Renovation and upgrading of plumbing systems

Plumbing and heating

ADHOC-HD specialises in the installation, repair and maintenance of plumbing and heating systems for your home. Our team of renovation experts is not afraid of big jobs and projects. Whether your project is private or professional, we want to see it through. We visit homes as well as businesses, local authorities and institutions.

Our team is highly qualified and trained in plumbing and various heating systems. Our work is fast, efficient and of the highest quality. Our service is tailor-made to suit your project, and the quote is free!

Electrical work

ADHOC-HD has a team of qualified and trained electricians with proven expertise and skills. We take care of the renovation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems, while guaranteeing faultless safety and reliability. Our installations are of the highest quality and comply with the most stringent standards. We take care of the electricity in your home or building, whatever its size or complexity.

When it comes to installing and maintaining a new electrical system or upgrading an existing one, you can rely on ADHOC-HD. We promise you the best energy efficiency for your building. Our service is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your renovation project and give you maximum satisfaction. Ask for your free quote!

Renovation and upgrading of electrical systems

Contact our renovation company now

Ask us for a quote for your interior and/or exterior renovation work, and we’ll be delighted to take on your project. Whether it’s for your own home or the premises of your business or local authority, our team will be delighted to see your renovation project through to a successful conclusion.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free initial estimate!