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    AD HOC-HD Bvba

    Sanitation in Liege, Brussels and everywhere in Hainaut

    Our effective sanitation program helps prevent surface contamination from pathogens or chemical and physical hazards.

    Why call AD-HOC HD?

    When looking for a sanitation and renovation company in Liège or Brussels, it is important to choose a reliable provider capable of offering you an impeccable restoration because of water damage.

    Moisture treatment / Rising damp / Condensation damp in walls and ceilings in Liège, Brussels and throughout Hainaut

    The humidity in the home is a real plague that can spread quickly. As soon as you detect the first spots of humidity or mold, it is essential to apply the appropriate treatment.

    AD-HOC treats and eliminates all humidity and renovates the surface’s problem:

    • Rising humidity
    • Condensation humidity
    • Humidity of the wall
    • Humidity of the ceiling
    • Renovation after a disaster
    • General renovation of the building

    Treatment of dry rot

    Dry rot is a devastating parasite for all homes. It is extremely harmful to your home because it destroys the cellulose in the wood and ultimately causes the lumber to decay.

    Trust the professionals at AD-HOC to permanently get rid of dry rot. If necessary, when the fungus reaches the heart of the wood we remove the rotten wood and replace them with new ones, .

    Treatment of saltpetre

    The saltpeter is present on the walls suffering from rising humidity problems. This problem must be treated as soon as possible because it constitutes a danger for your house and for the health of its inhabitants.

    AD-HOC is a company specializing in the treatment of saltpetre. We are equipped with machines and products to effectively treat saltpeter in the long term.

    Sanitation after water damage

    AD-HOC HD is a company that’s pioneer in sanitation and renovation in this field. Our company specializes in rapid intervention after a flood or any water damage.

    Other services

    Renovation after damage

    Cleaning POST MORTEM

    Extreme Cleaning

    Renovation of the general building

    Cleaning of condominiums

    Us & Our objectives in 3 points:

    1. We are a family business, seeking customer satisfaction which is our top priority. We provide them with responsiveness, transparency and sincerity. We are not looking to work short term with our clients, we are looking for a long term partnership.

    2. One of our priority objectives, is to provide through our services, quality services at all levels in the field of disinfection, building sanitation as well as in the renovation of surfaces and therefore of the building from A to Z and make these services accessible to everyone.

    3. We also aim to provide our employees with good working conditions and to comply with working legal hour. We do not hesitate to offer training to our employees so that they acquire additional skills in the new techniques of sanitation and renovation of all surfaces without exception, for the building industry in general.

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    Engagement and certifications:

    We have a RC Décennale insurance, which accompanies all the contracts that we issue through our services for the Buildings.

    For our air and surface decontamination interventions, we use bio-disinfectants, bactericides and virucides, fungicides approved by the Ministry of Health.

    The products used in general are biodegradable and which met the criteria (EC) n ° 648/2004.