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Moisture treatment specialists

Equipped with the best equipment and tools, ADHOC-HD can help you with damp walls and floors thanks to one of the services it specialises in: damp treatment. After years in the building trade, we know all about condensation, infiltration and other water damage.

ADHOC-HD can either take preventive action to prevent damp problems from appearing in the future, or intervene to deal with existing, visible damage. As well as being experts in the various techniques for preventing damp, we are also the ideal service provider for treating the already damp walls and floors of your home.

Treating humidity problems

Using the right equipment and effective products, ADHOC-HD can help you identify the causes of the following damp problems and get rid of them:

  • Condensation, seepage, rust,…
  • The fragility of the walls and the materials they are made of.
  • Capillary rise, also known as rising damp.
  • Merula and other fungi and moulds.
Moisture treatment on a wall
Damp wall

Moisture detection and prevention

In addition to our ability to act against existing damp problems in your homeusing specific techniques and equipment, we can also implement certain preventive treatments such as ventilation systems to prevent future mould or a water-repellent solution to be applied to a façade.
Whether it’s your cellar, your attic, your walls or your floors, ADHOC-HD is equipped with the best tools and equipment capable of detecting damp, determining its level and issuing a diagnosis, even if it hasn’t yet left any visible, tangible traces.

ADHOC-HD tackles your moisture problems

The unsightly stains caused by mould give your home an unattractive appearance, but that’s not the worst of it… Dampness can damage the structure of your building and make it more fragile, causing discomfort and insecurity. And that’s not all… A damp home can also be harmful to the health of its inhabitants. In the worst case, it can even lead to the home becoming unhealthy, causing serious problems for its residents.

To avoid disaster, it is essential to act quickly and effectively and to provide quality work with the best damp-proofing treatments. This is what ADHOC-HD promises when you call on us for problems of this type in your house, flat, business or enterprise.

You’ve come to the right place for damp-proofing treatment

Active in the construction and renovation of buildings for many years, ADHOC-HD has also developed a certain ability to deal with all problems linked to damp.
Thanks to ADHOC-HD, you can say goodbye to unsightly marks, mould and mildew on your floors and walls.
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