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    For the client

    How to become a customer at AD-HOC HD Bvba?

    To become a customer with AD-HOC HD, contact our sales department by phone on 0483 / 499.823, directly by email at info@adhoc-hd.be or via the contact form directly online.

    What are the areas of intervention of the company AD-HOC HD?

    The headquarters of our company AD-HOC HD are located in Aalst. Our teams operate throughout Belgium, for specialized cleaning / sanitation / decontamination services of all kinds. We work a lot with the regions of Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia, Hainaut … Contact us for more information.

    Who are the services offered for?

    The services of the company AD-HOC HD are intended for individuals, professionals and industrialists throughout Belgium. The cleaning of offices, stores, shops or common areas… are services for companies, trustees and businesses. High pressure cleaning is a service that can also be used by manufacturers.

    We invite you to consult the range of our services in the sections intended for this purpose, all sectors combined.

    AD-HOC HD c’est le nettoyage au service de tous !

    How much does AD-HOC HD delivery services cost?

    Ad-hoc HD is a quality and affordable surface and air sanitation company in Belgium. Our prices are in the average of what is practiced in the sector. To know the price of a service, we need to know several parameters such as:

    • Size of premises for the service
    • Typology of places to clean
    • Equipment to be cleaned
    • Fréquences de nettoyage
    • Transit times
    • The complimentary service
    Is it possible to have VAT at 6%?

    Yes, but only if it is work of renovations. For all cleaning work, VAT will automatically be 21%.

    I have a foreign VAT number. Wil it cause a problem?

    No, we can issue invoices both for companies / self-employed with Belgian VAT number and with foreign VAT number.

    Do you provide the necessary products and materials for cleaning?

    Yes, our prices include the supply of products and materials.

    For precise pricing of a cleaning service, you can contact us or use the online quote request.

    Is the quote free and does requesting an offer commit us?

    The quote is completely free and without any commitment on your part.

    For the staff

    I want to develop my skills and progress at AD-HOC HD Bvba, how should I go about it?

    We offer skills development courses adapted to your profile. Our employees who request it can benefit from training. They can thus build a rich professional career within our companies. During a discussion with your manager or during your professional interview, do not hesitate to let him know that you want to work for AD-HOC HD. Specify your geographic mobility, the skills you have acquired and the functions that might interest you. You can also send us your spontaneous application by mail.

    Why and how should I have my medical visit or an information and prevention visit?

    In accordance with the Labor Code, employees must pass an information and prevention visit when they are hired, then every 5 years (more frequently in certain cases). This aims to determine your aptitude to carry out the missions entrusted to you within the framework of your job. Our Human Resources department will send you an invitation specifying the date, time and place of your meeting. Your presence is compulsory. Any absence must be reported and justified to your manager. If you have had a VIP with another employer, you can provide us with your certificate by mail to our company.

    I plan for a leave of absents, who should I notify and when?

    Notify your manager by phone or email before your period of absence. He can then organize himself to find a replacement for your post. If it’s an unforeseen absence, call (or have the phone numbered) your manager as soon as possible to let them know. From the start of your absence, you have 72 hours to send your proof to your manager by email or letter: medical certificate, extension of stop, proof of death …

    I have a question for the Human Resources department, how can I contact them?

    Are you an employee or former employee of one of the subsidiaries of our company? Do you need information? A document ? Would you like to contact our human resources department? Contact the person in charge of your personal file using our online contact form. Do not forget to specify your place of work and if possible the name of your (former) manager so that we can respond to you as soon as possible.

    Contact your cleaning company

    For a perfect cleaning and as soon as possible, please contact our company. Reachable every day, we are happy to answer your questions and requests. Your free estimated costs will be given to you upon request.